One year.


I’m afraid of death
& I’m afraid of a wasted life.
Everything hurts.
Every passing moment, agony.
I am not okay.
I’m falling apart.
My back against yours.
Free fall.
What do I know,

I kissed him goodbye.
It was pure, true, honest.
Meaningful & meaningless.
Nothing & everything.
Lost love.
Great love.
It was all so good once.

Let go.

Making New Friends


The lily on my dash
Reflects a smile
watching the road
Through the bow
I make my way to a place
I’ve only recently begun
To call
Its only matter of time
Isn’t everything?
More specifically
A matter of mind
It Sounds simpler
To contemplate
The spectrum of things
The importance of contrast
Each experience exists
Paralleled to its other
The alignment
Of each piece
Depending on it’s
Ignescent opposite
No one component
Is truly independent
Or alone



In moments of absolute
And silence
I return to your body
I slowly map each part of
I find the scars
I find the fears
I am thorough
My imagination is real
My ambition is sincere
I develop a science
Of you
Not with judgment
Nor with worry
Your geography is complex
Variable terrain
You would not be you
The only request
I will ever have
Is for you
Be yourself

Lost Boy


I find myself apologizing
It really is
of no use
My lips are missing
My heart resides too deep
When I kissed you
I took with me some of your fire
I’ve had the pleasure
Of burning ever since
We both knew
It’s not a distance
That can be travelled
Only when I am
On your knees
You removed the space between us
Both in awe
The smell of your skin
Gentleness of your rough hands
I do believe
We have much adventure yet
For now,
I may only be able to
Tell you such love
In a whisper