Old deep Reep


hello old hurt…
Still a trigger I see.
Good to know.
I’ll see you in my office immediately. You’ve been here a long time,
it’s been seemly okay
now I’m gonna hafta let you go.
That’s right,
you’re fired.
Weep grow deep Reep

My first other


I decided on a spontaneous act
Leave behind at the door
shed the skin
I admire the equality in our tumble
New landscapes familiar sensations
Limbs sweat
sound breath
I still find strands of your hair
Be fearless
Stretch long
I can feel
the breeze across our bodies
Tender kindling
Can I kiss you?
Rigid flexing silky smooth
Muscle tone tissue

One year.


I’m afraid of death
& I’m afraid of a wasted life.
Everything hurts.
Every passing moment, agony.
I am not okay.
I’m falling apart.
My back was against yours.
Free fall.
What do I know,

I kissed him goodbye.
It was pure, true, honest.
Meaningful & meaningless.
Nothing & everything.
Lost love.
Great love.
It was all so good once.

Let go.

Making New Friends


The lily on my dash
Reflects a smile
watching the road
Through the bow
I make my way to a place
I’ve only recently begun
To call
Its only matter of time
Isn’t everything?
More specifically
A matter of mind
It Sounds simpler
To contemplate
The spectrum of things
The importance of contrast
Each experience exists
Paralleled to its other
The alignment
Of each piece
Depending on it’s
Ignescent opposite
No one component
Is truly independent
Or alone