Stop being afraid to get political.


they put the fear in me

at least for a while

the fear is no longer enough 

to silence me

the 08 RNC 

deconstructed civil pathways

i will now go off road 

today the politicians say 

all can enter matrimony 

i say 

NO more systems of oppression 

NO more institutions 

NO more pain for being who you are

NO more death for just being 

NO to these systems 

of tyranny 

what if we all quit 

i ask


To be too good


I am a calm 

And consuming fire.

I don’t wish to burn your house down.

I am a force fundamentally fortified from feral platitudes. 

These double sided, multi faceted, infinitely countable dimensions 

of who I am

It may consume you. 

All I know is that you are joy,

And you deserve to be good.

Mind meld with me. Our minds, so good in junction, shimmering. 

The campsite rule applies to every 






you who art so sweet

I noticed you.

I see whiskers coming through the thick deep ark of your mustach & eyebrows.

Your eyes.

I want you to know what I’ve been through. I’ve been through a lot.

I felt that I knew you right away. We speak without time or secrets.

I scare you. I scare many. 

You are brave for voicing, staying and engaging. 

You didn’t have to be so honest.

My gratitude is expansive.

How is it that now I like you more?

All I know, is I want to get to know you. 

Your eyes. 

I am curious & fascinated by all that you are.

I see each piece as a conduit for wholeness. 

I won’t say “when” or “if”.

I’ll take the many multitudes of YOUS as they come into being.  

I’ll be what you need. 

I am the queen of unrequited love. 

You can count on me.

Oh indeterminable intimacy. 

Your eyes.

Sensual Alliteration 


Delicious Distraction 

Sudictively Suggestive 

You are an Engmatic Elixir 

You are a Premium Perponderance 

Maximum Mammalian Mesmerization

Laboriously Luscious Lucidity   

you Cool Fool you 

Ferocious Felonious Foundries of Fortitude

Viscerally Vivacious Vixen with a Variety of Visual Volumes 

“Thats you”, he tells me

You, my sweet, 

are a Tenaciously Tantalizing Totality of Tremendous 



Life is an experiment with no control.


I dropped to my knees 

Cold covered in ash

Paint wet 

Fire roaring 

Time lost meaning

I forgot it had changed

I forgot it had ever been different 

Feirce wild eyed freedom 

Every blade of praire grass

Stood at attention 

Charged smoky air 

Dirty & burned 

My face hurt

Strong & steady 

She soothed my worries

Turning my hands in his

I am slipping between those fingers 

Distance from knowing 

Saddens me the most 

Beautifully grotesque 

Undeniably important

Inventions of convenient passion

Open gateways

To romantic perspective 

Intimidate carelessness 

There is no control 

Let go