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No one to play with 

Dance in every mirror 

Ripened topography 

Forced to relearn everyday 

Resonating smells 

Despite the outcome 

I’m traveling now

Fantasizing on permission 

To slow down 

help me stay grounded

help you stay above water 

Allow ourselves to breathe

Calm down 


Soar Feat


the dirt on the cuffs of my overalls remind me of you remind me of the time spent of when you told me i still smell like i did when I was sixteen when your body shivered as i hugged you GODDAMN OXYTOCIN shared experiences is right you worry, i know 

i always loved watching your body move beneath the warm thin cotton of your shirts your music has always moved me your words stay with me always & forever friend 

sad persons, we belong


forever is a very long time 





In that space

In that time

I forgot .

forgot to tell you

You are so beautiful 

neglected to say 

You are kind 

failed to mention 

How good your body feels

Glossed over

How much I’ve always wanted to be held by you 

Would have told you 

You have always been poetry 

Should of spoke 

Of the trust I have in you 

Could have risen to the moment 

To tell you how I needed you  

Paused just long enough 

To really look in your eyes

To express 


The words never came 

They are here now 

How are you ?

•overall radical notion•


mutter stumble rough & giving 

frightful expensive lowbrow & stinky

bulbous nocturnal yearning & shallow

changing lives, for the better, to save my own

falling a part, every mile, foot step & zip code

each adventure I take, gets me closer to the bone

strip another layer

remove another piece of clothes 

trinkets chains boxes full of dead thangs

often vain & misshapen 

in this fleshy skin suit 

awkwardly hairy with never enough pockets

a wandering bramble, no concept of roots

a gentlemanly lady of the in between 

overall radical 

the notion  

I love you . 




The sick sick

Let me know it’s my super power

Lost about it, but everyone needs to smart phone for the insight

My mate is going to be back to see you, hug, dance, art, eat

Taken by the tao

It started as hell…

Always down to be back soon

My mind wanted classical

Ragweed is messing up my face

I get where to see you

Must go to the moOn & I have a silver gilded crystal platter

Finally put it

Come hilther looks

Dipped my chest and giving

Allergic reactions to self out of loss, to create animations

It started to hurt and got plugged up

Help me own

I’m still sick

I get DOWN

Taken by the nude sketches of men & women

Bonus points for already having an observer

I get disturbed

Full uncertainty but not mine

I get UP some

Adjusting to that

Come watch my laziness, with every fiber

So damn sick

Today’s randomly generated status is I feel like my wires

The sick man, social media man, social media …

I get ya sick

I hardly breathe it’s horrifying

I get REALLY good

Who wants to use regular occurance

I get to pick you

Delays delays delays

Some folks need a tamale and a journal

Well, we won’t let me

So, amid the confused restlessness of cake, in trusting myself as being mellow, others treat me

There is always a reflection of us

Actual comment muttered

Sax and Coffee

I get to chill

Mighty mighty colorful, as last time

Come to be connected to it

Life is full

Nothin’ like leaving

I committed myself as many horrible jokes, I have a warrant out for the next

Imma sick chic, but then I just sneezed

No energy to out run the marvelous misadventures of running back

I get along

Coffee at a turmoil with tremendous and unnessisary anxiety

Curiouser & bizarre

Curious, what a company

I wanna live forever

In part as a chapter

Building up one of the best ways to see our brains

Different moments simultaneously come together to wake early, walk with me

I legitimately have strong emotional reactions to tiny immeasurable moments

I want

My life is full of first world problems, I am finding

Its cool, I’m at my hair

Empty your surgery, I hope y’all jelly

I am currently jobless & full of being overwhelmed

Yeah I would look killer on you

I fought the ant people for those crows feet

The elderly cat kept pawing my hair

You get where I’m going ?

This is a lot when I’m wrong

Drink sunbeams

I feel like a blonde it’s inappropriate

overwhelmed with wonder, amazement & deep loneliness & a curse

My heart, how much art

I get disturbed

Imma sick chic, but considerin’ how cruddy, I feel so slinky

Have. A. Dance.

Just pineing away after sexy fictitious characters


Its started to hurt and somehow I’m watching

Its suddenly important to me

I am concerned about my ability to everyone

The sick man, wasted evening, cuddling my heart

Constant transition I am

Dude I can’t fix everything

I’ve got ideas, questions & I love finding little bits & pieces


Have to explode, probably

Every bit of matter we each can lay on the hunger I’ve woken

A violin & the hairiest lizard

We could get together, irrationally uncomfortable


I want a fool…

Wearing on my bones, re solidify

Exhausted she hands the trashed lash

Just enough money to go

mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty colorful, as well as laughing at realizing this moment

The sick man, wasted evening, cuddling with myself

A room, a millisecond where I am

I want to hang out of time

I want stars in my jeans pocket

A lonely little boy

I could dress exactly like Cher from the universe

I dipped my quill

Oh the strange overwheming urge to act in several places

I am a radish

Thanks to cure my own

I am always cruel

Making soup to cute my ideas the meaning and purpose

The sick man, do I gotta go

We could be great

There is strong

I am made of dark red marbled stone

Come on down

I am so restless

Drowning my sorrows in shape for the insight

I am concerned about my wardrobe phases…

I am a baby in computer land

oh grrl my grandmother told me a story

Still happy to have been my most favorite loves

Everything was going on this very essential need.






rest less

i feel different i feel better i feel worse i feel nothing i don’t feel

i conjure patience for every moment as if in agony for its length

i cannot make my desires real

my mania leaves me hollow

disassociate, sadness as continuity

human beast empty

move to feel

i am restless .