rest less

i feel different i feel better i feel worse i feel nothing i don’t feel

i conjure patience for every moment as if in agony for its length

i cannot make my desires real

my mania leaves me hollow

disassociate, sadness as continuity

human beast empty

move to feel

i am restless .




i am in the mountains 

baking sour dough in a clay oven 

navigating new folks

new challenges everyday

but today i am

wishing i could call you

no phones here 

a river dividing myself & eternity 

today i woke, thought of you

only to find 

today, it is your birthday 

happy birthday my friend

you are of those 

who travel with me

a heart string 

stretched out 

woven together 

i have a present for you 

it’ll arrive late, or early 

depending on how you look at it

a surprise 

is your address the same ?

can’t quite get a hold of thyme 

these days

i find myself often unsure 

of much 


my ever reverberating love 

for those of my people 

such a you

happy birthday ray

i love you




I found the full moOn
beneath my eye,
grand & orange,
& grown before me,

through the plane of glass.

A spectacle
of veracious speed.

La Luna
only preceded by a perfect dusk, gradient beauty slipped in,
to grant us all the singular bliss of the night sky.
A valiant validation of all things.