Life is an experiment with no control.


I dropped to my knees 

Cold covered in ash

Paint wet 

Fire roaring 

Time lost meaning

I forgot it had changed

I forgot it had ever been different 

Feirce wild eyed freedom 

Every blade of praire grass

Stood at attention 

Charged smoky air 

Dirty & burned 

My face hurt

Strong & steady 

She soothed my worries

Turning my hands in his

I am slipping between those fingers 

Distance from knowing 

Saddens me the most 

Beautifully grotesque 

Undeniably important

Inventions of convenient passion

Open gateways

To romantic perspective 

Intimidate carelessness 

There is no control 

Let go 

Missouri Lounge 


I ain’t got nothing but you

Keep turning and turning 

She spun a web

Convincing myself

Tonight is a full moon

Always a moment too late

That’s why I should sing the blues

It’s all about the timing it’s all about the tact it’s all about the timing 

When we parted ways

She stood there 

She stood there, she was 


She was so cute 

We split her in two 


She stood

She didn’t know 


Back to the car 

Nothing but you

My SeaStar


You gotta let things with wings

Go fly

I love these boots 

But they’re still shoes

Great minds think alike baby

Yesterday I tried 

to whipe off these freckles

‘Cause I thought it was dirt

We thought eachother 

Was attractive 


Eat your veggies 


You’ll become one

Which came first

The muffin 

Or the pan



Time passed
after much debate
the old knowing
quiet sacred ones
a former daughter
into their arms
in their embrace
Is likened to returning
to an eternal home

My eyes seem to open wider

In this room




In this room. This new room. This old room new to me. A new room, on a new day, on the first new day of the new year. Hardly a thing in it but my two little kats. I’m finding I am continuously happy with the shifts being made. A magical thyme being made into an incredible bloom. This is beauty. I feel raw, edgy, while still soft & calm.
What an extraordinary chapter.
This life only continues to amaze me.